Plano West wide receiver Ricardo Benitez is just 4-foot-2
July 12, 2017

What Ricardo Benitez lacks in height, he makes up for in character and determination. Benitez suffers from a condition called Femur Hypoplasia Bilateral, which means he was born without a femur in each leg. At just 4-foot-2, Benitez is looking forward to his senior season as a wide receiver for Plano West (TX).

Benitez knows that he isn't entitled to any playing time and must earn it, so he's been working extremely hard at the 5:30 am team lifts 4 days a week. His coach, Scott Smith, is noticing Benitez's extraordinary work ethic. 

“He’s the type of kid every coach wants on their team,” Smith said. “There’s never an excuse out of his mouth and he fires you up. Every kid on the team wants to hang out with him outside of football because of his upbeat personality. He’s as strong as any kid in our program for his size. If there’s something he can’t do in the weight room, he’ll do something that correlates. He doesn’t take any reps or plays off. He’s the soul of the team. Benitez is an average player who does above-average things because of who he is.”

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