What To Remember When You’re On The Bench
By Laura Chmiel on March 14, 2017

With tryouts over and done with, and rosters made, the time has come to realize your role on the team, and give it your all in the best way you can this season.

So what happens if you aren’t in the role you expected?

If you’re a student-athlete struggling with missing the varsity cut, or the starting position, you may be feeling as though your season is already off to a disappointing start. It’s important to remember that there is a lesson to be found in every one of life’s setbacks, especially when it comes to playing your sport. And we’ve got your back.

If you’re sitting on the bench when you wish you were on the field, check out a few reminders below to keep your head – and heart – in the game and progressing towards your goals.

Every seat on the bus serves a purpose

Every single person on a team is there for a reason. If you are on the bench, you are there for a reason. A really important reason: you are there to back someone up.

Let’s reverse that – you are there to have someone’s back. Whether it’s through words of encouragement and vocal support, or actually contributing to the game when it comes time to get subbed in, it’s up to you to realize your seat and commit to doing everything you can to be the best you can be from where you sit on the bus.

Now is the time to prove yourself

Taking this time out of the spotlight to focus on your improvement as a player (while supporting your team) should become your priority.

Use your seat on the bench as motivation to not only get better, but to learn from the other guys and girls out there. Become a student of the game and a diligent worker on the practice field. You have an incredible opportunity to surprise some people and really prove yourself by learning from those around you and ahead of you.

You have a unique leadership opportunity in front of you

Check your attitude on the bench.

You have a unique opportunity to become a leader among those around you. Whether it’s with fellow teammates working for starting positions, or with those out on the field looking to you for support, don’t just use this time to improve physically, use it to prove your character and heart.

Being a part of a team – in any capacity – is a privilege, not a right. Treat it like the gift it is and make others want to do the same.

Article originally published by NCSA Sports

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