High schooler vs. Isaiah Thomas: Who wore it best?
By Lawrence Worth III on January 3, 2017

Senior point guard Henry Schmidt of Lincoln Lutheran High School (Lincoln, NE) channeled his inner Isaiah Thomas while connecting on a pass to teammate Logan Kreizel in a non-conference matchup against Syracuse High School (Syracuse, NE).

Kreizel took full advantage of an errant pass between Syracuse guards across the perimeter, tapping it to his own guard, Schmidt, who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Seemingly instinctively, Schmidt immediately heaved the ball over his head downcourt, hitting Kreizel in stride like a wide receiver on a slant route. As if the fans didn't already have enough to cheer about after a steal and a pass straight out of the circus, Kreizel took flight and flushed the ball home with both hands to complete the play.

The similarity between Schmidt's and Thomas' passes in the video clips is uncanny, but who would have thought it is the high school who finishes with a dunk and not the NBAer?

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