The 10 funniest ESPN/Robert Lee memes
The 10 funniest ESPN/Robert Lee memes

ESPN made a bizarre decision to remove an Asian announcer named Robert Lee from a Virginia football game because it was close to the name of a Confederate General named Robert E. Lee who fought in a war fought over 150 years ago.

They were afraid his presence would "create memes."

And as a result, got a ton of memes about something no one would've noticed or thought about otherwise.

So thanks ESPN, for the hilarity you caused by trying to avoid it.

First, ESPN made another announcement:

Guess Aaron Donald doesn't have to worry about returning this year after all.

But hey, they did make a "courageous" decision:

Finally ESPN has won something again.

What about Robert Lee?

Sounds familiar.

Here's ESPN breaking the news to him:

But he really gone?

Never say die Robert!

Yet another thing ESPN got wrong, imagine that.

Here's photos from earlier in Robert's career:

Someone got exclusive footage of Robert finally escaping:

Damn. Robert Lee's gonna get a spot in Fast and the Furious 9 (or 10 or 17 or 43, whatever they're up to now).

But ESPN found a way to make it up to him:

From a company that once used "Chink in the armor" for a Jeremy Lin headline, that sounds about right.

All this commotion has created a new game:

Definitely won't find him at any ACC football games starring schools that begin with "V".

Poor Robert has been memed, how will he ever recover...right ESPN?

What's next after Robert?

Welp. David Lee is screwed.

Another day, another L for ESPN. Keep it up guys.

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