Player Honors Deceased Coach
Player Honors Deceased Coach

On October 1st, 2016, the Moore Mustangs softball family in Louisville, Kentucky lost one of their Assistant Coaches to cancer. Coach, Robert Donaldson died that day of Renal Cell Carcinoma (kidney cancer).

One of the players most affected by Donaldson's passing was #22 Tori Parker. Parker had been coached by Donaldson for the past three years. Not only teaching her about softball but about life.

"I love the game as much as I do because of him.  There wasn't a time he wasn't smiling and cracking jokes. He told me since the eighth grade that I was capable of hitting home runs."

On Tuesday, May 17th, 2017, Parker did just that.  Parker hit a home run verse Brown and was all smiles as she circled the bases to make it official.  However, upon the celebration ending, Parker immediately started to cry upon stepping into the dugout.  We asked Parker what was wrong, and she said:

"I always said that the first homer I hit was going to be for him.  He always said I was capable. He never doubted me one second."

Parker isn't just your average softball player.  As a Junior, Parker is ranked #214 in the State of Kentucky; she ranks well over the National average in all categories, and she gives credit to Coach Donaldson for her current success and the success that the future holds. 

Multiple colleges in the State of Kentucky (and beyond) are going to have their eye on Parker as she exits her Junior year and enters her Senior year of softball.  Parker is motivated each day by the impact Coach Donaldson had on her and continues to believe in herself thanks to his everlasting impact. 

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Victory Views specializes in photo coverage of high school sports
Victory Views specializes in photo coverage of high school sports