Wayne's Offense Is Too Much For Beavercreek
Wayne's Offense Is Too Much For Beavercreek

At the beginning of the 2017 Season, tonight’s (Friday, October 6, 2017) game did not seem to be very attractive. Of course, that is how I was feeling. I kept on telling myself, “The Wayne High School (WHS) Warriors will easily defeat the Beavercreek High School (BHS) Beavers!” When Week #1 concluded, that was the sentiment within my mindset. I just felt that Beavercreek would have ZERO CHANCE of defeating Wayne. Week after week, the Beavers would pick up a victory. As a result, my mind was changing. To date, I have covered 4-Games for BHS. I have covered all of the team’s Home Games. In Week #1, I covered the Beavers’ Away Game in nearby Xenia. Although I am not a PERFECT EXPERT, I still consider myself to have a good sense of what BHS’s Football Team is all about. Led by Kaden Wenger, BHS’s Running Game is Top-Notch. The Beavers’ Offensive Line leads the way for the team’s running success. To be honest, the Offensive Line is an important piece of the entire Offense. Last but certainly not least, Beavercreek’s Defense is THE TRUTH! Those attributes (which I just mentioned) are just some of the reasons for why BHS has been having such a good 2017 Season. Trust me, there are more! In order to truly understand exactly what I am talking about, you have to see BHS in action. Seeing the team live will give you a whole, new perspective.

Although WHS is not having its best season, the Warriors is still a major force to be reckoned with. The 2017 Version of Wayne’s Football Team is not the same team which it has been (in recent years). This year’s team has not been heavily strong. For example, take a look at Wayne’s 2016 Season. With ease, Wayne went through its schedule. Game Blowouts became the norm. Up until the playoffs, the Warriors looked completely unstoppable. This season, WHS has had to put forth a stronger effort. In order to compete and win games, that is necessary. Last week, Wayne lost its second game of the season. The team was defeated by Undefeated Archrival Centerville High School (CHS). Beavercreek lost its first game. Springboro High School (SHS) handed Beavercreek its First 2017 Loss. At the end of tonight’s game, which team will be victorious? While I cannot answer that question, I will say the following. Both teams have to be in a bad mood. Each team wants to make up for what happened last week. This ensuing game was already going to be interesting to witness. With both teams coming into this game with a loss, a game which was already going to be good is going to be even more special.

Wayne won the Official Coin Toss. The Warriors has elected to defer. Beavercreek will be receiving the ball. Beavercreek’s Offense started on its own 31-Yard Line. On 2nd Down and 9, Sabastian Rendon rushed the ball to the 37-Yard Line. With 10:38 on the clock, the Beavers faced 3rd Down and 4. Drew Nanda picked up the First Down. His 23-Yard Run placed the ball on the Warriors’ 40-Yard Line. The team would not experience much more success. BHS’s Offense went on to go three plays and out. On 4th Down and 5 from WHS’s 35-Yard Line, Beavercreek had to Punt (8:24). Wayne’s Offense started on its own 20-Yard Line. On 2nd Down and 9 from the 21-Yard Line, Rashad McKee completed a 17-Yard Pass to Austin Mullins (7:40). At this point, the team started utilizing its Running Game. Unfortunately, Wayne was not very successful. The Offensive Drive came down to 3rd Down and 8. The ball was on the Warriors’ own 40-Yard Line.

At 6:05, McKee threw an Incomplete Pass. Wayne ended up getting a lucky break. Beavercreek was penalized for Pass Interference (6:03). Therefore, Wayne’s Offensive Drive would continue. The penalty moved the ball to Beavercreek’s 45-Yard Line. On 1st Down and 10, Trace Kinnel was handed the ball. He sped his way up through the middle of the Offensive Line. Eventually, Kinnel was tackled on the 5-Yard Line (5:56). The 40-Yard Run gave the Warriors a 1st Down and Goal. At 5:38, Kinnel took the hand-off. However, he would end up losing yardage. Kinnel was tackled on the 9-Yard Line. On 2nd Down and Goal, McKee kept the ball. He got back the lost yardage, and he gained even more. McKee ran up the middle. His stopping point was the end zone (4:56). Garrett Russell’s Extra Point Kick was Good. By the score of 7-0, Wayne leads Beavercreek.

During the ensuing Kickoff, Beavercreek’s Special Teams Unit was penalized for Holding. That penalty made the Beavers’ Offensive Drive start on BHS’s own 10-Yard Line. On 1st Down and 10, Cody Hocker picked up 15-Yards (4:51). From the 25-Yard Line, matters would just get worse. Instead of moving forward, the ball moved backwards. On 3rd Down and 14 from the 21-Yard Line, Hocker was sacked by Wayne’s Alex Reigelsperger (3:45). On 4th Down and 22 from the 13-Yard Line, BHS was forced to Punt. WHS’s Offense experienced instant success. On 1st Down and 10 from BHS’s 44-Yard Line, McKee completed a Touchdown Pass to L’Christian “Blue” Smith (2:43). Now, let me explain to you exactly how the spectacular-looking play occurred. At the 6-Yard Line, a defender grabbed onto Smith’s leg. The defender was unable to bring him down. Instead, Smith proceeded to drag the defender. As Smith got near the goal line, he snatched his leg free. Then, he turned around. Smith was standing in the end zone. Russell’s Extra Point Kick was good. Wayne leads Beavercreek 14-0.

With 1:38 remaining in the 1st Quarter, Beavercreek faced 3rd Down and 6. The ball was on the Beavers’ own 24-Yard Line. Kaden Wenger rushed the ball 26-Yards. He was tackled at Midfield (50-Yard Line). After the play concluded, Wenger was hurt. Eventually, he ended up walking off of the field. At the end of the 1st Quarter, Wayne leads Beavercreek 14-0. As the 2nd Quarter got underway, BHS was faced with 3rd Down and 3. The ball was on Wayne’s 43-Yard Line. Wenger picked up 2-Yards (11:55). Beavercreek was now faced with a critical decision. Instead of punting or attempting a Field Goal, the team decided to go for the First Down. On 4th Down and 1, Hocker obtained the First Down. His 2-Yard Run moved the ball to Wayne’s 39-Yard Line (11:17). On 2nd Down and 12, the ball was back on the Warriors’ 41-Yard Line. At 10:12, Wenger rushed the ball to the end zone. Marcella Cash’s Extra Point Kick was Good. BHS trails WHS 14-7.

Beavercreek went on to do something which it does every game. The Beavers made an Onside Kick. To BHS’s dismay, Wayne recovered the bouncing ball. The ball rested on the Warriors’ own 45-Yard Line. Before the Offensive Drive got underway, WHS committed a False Start Violation. The 5-Yard Penalty moved the ball back to the 40-Yard Line. On 1st Down, McKee rushed up the middle. He picked up the 5-Yards which his team had lost, and he gained additional yards. McKee was tackled on Beavercreek’s 35-Yard Line (25-Yard Run – 10:00). On 1st Down and 10, Trace Kinnel moved the ball to the 30-Yard Line. On 2nd Down and 5, McKee completed a 10-Yard Pass to Blue Smith. After rushes by Justin Williams and teammate McKee, the ball rested on the 15-Yard Line. With 7:41 remaining in the First Half, McKee was intercepted in the end zone! Flags were thrown on the ground. Beavercreek’s Defense was penalized for Roughing The Passer. That major mistake allowed Wayne to maintain possession. The penalty placed the ball on the Beavers’ 7-Yard Line. On 1st and Goal, Alijah Fleming took the hand-off. Unfortunately, he was tackled for a loss of 5-Yards (7:36). At the 6:57 mark, McKee completed a 12-Yard Touchdown Pass. Steven Victoria was the lucky recipient.

Russell’s Extra Point Kick was Good. Wayne’s lead increased to 21-7. After the ensuing Kickoff, Beavercreek started on its own 19-Yard Line. The Beavers’ Offense went on to go three plays and out. On 4th Down and 7 from the 22-Yard Line, BHS had to Punt (4:53). Wayne’s Offensive Drive started on its own 44-Yard Line. With 4:41 on the clock, the Warriors had 1st Down and 10. After the snap from center, McKee completed a 32-Yard Pass to Steven Victoria. Beavercreek’s Defense was penalized for Pass Interference. However, Wayne declined the penalty. The ball remained on Beavercreek’s 12-Yard Line. On 1st Down and 10, Justin Williams moved the ball to the 4-Yard Line. On 2nd Down and 2, the drive concluded. McKee obtained the 4-Yard Touchdown (3:50). The Extra Point Kick was Good. Wayne leads Beavercreek 28-7.

With 3:44 remaining in the 2nd Quarter, Beavercreek started its next Offensive Drive. The ball was on the Beavers’ own 25-Yard Line. At the 3:36 mark, Drew Nanda rushed the ball to Wayne’s 46-Yard Line (29-Yard Rush – 3:36). On 3rd Down and 10, the ball was on WHS’s 46-Yard Line. Hocker picked up 6-Yards. The ball was on the 40-Yard Line. The First Down was not obtained. However, BHS decided to run a 4th Down Play. On 4th Down and 4, Nanda garnered the First Down. His 11-Yard Run got the ball to the Warriors’ 29-Yard Line (1:10). The next play ended with Beavercreek committing an Illegal Shift Violation. With 5-Seconds remaining in the First Half, Beavercreek faced 4th Down and 9 from Wayne’s 28-Yard Line. Jake Maloney completed a pass to Bryce Neuse. Very short of the First Down, Neuse was tackled. The ball was turned over on downs. At the end of the 2nd Quarter, Wayne leads Beavercreek 28-7.

As the Second Half got started, Beavercreek pulled out another Trick Play. Once again, an Onside Kick was made. This time, the Beavers’ Special Teams Unit recovered the loose ball. The ball was positioned on the 50-Yard Line (Midfield). After Wenger rushed the ball twice, the ball was on the 45-Yard Line. On 3rd Down and 5, Nanda picked up 8-Yards. He pushed the ball to the Warriors’ 37-Yard Line (10:48). Once ensuing rushes from Hocker (3-Yards) and Nanda (6-Yards) concluded, BHS faced another, critical Third Down Play. With the ball now on the 28-Yard Line, it was 3rd Down and 1. Hocker kept the ball. He ran the ball to the 24-Yard Line (9:13). The Third Down Plays were not over. At the 8:09 mark, Beavercreek had to deal with 3rd Down and 5 from the 19-Yard Line. Wenger rushed the ball to the 13-Yard Line (6-Yard Rush). A Holding Violation ended up moving the ball back to the 25-Yard Line. On 3rd Down and 14, the ball was resting on the 18-Yard Line. At 6:08, Hocker completed the 18-Yard Touchdown Pass to Sabastian Rendon. In order to make the Touchdown, Rendon had to dive (and stretch out) for the catch. Cash’s Extra Point Kick was Good. Beavercreek trails Wayne 28-14.

After another Onside Kick, Wayne took over possession at Midfield (50-Yard Line). After McKee went on to make 2-Rushes, the ball was on Beavercreek’s 33-Yard Line. On 1st Down and 10, the ball was rushed again. This time, Kinnel made the run. His run obtained a 33-Yard Touchdown (5:00). The Extra Point Kick was Good. Wayne now leads Beavercreek 35-14. After the ensuing Kickoff, Beavercreek’s Offense started on its own 35-Yard Line. On 2nd Down and 7 from the 38-Yard Line, Jake Maloney was handed the ball (during a Reverse Play). Maloney proceeded to rush the ball 29-Yards. The ball was moved to Wayne’s 33-Yard Line (4:20). With 2:53 remaining in the 3rd Quarter, the ball was on the Warriors’ 27-Yard Line. On 4th Down and 4, Hocker kept the ball. He attempted to run for the First Down. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful. BHS turned the ball over on downs.

Wayne’s possession started on its own 26-Yard Line. On 2nd Down and 10, McKee completed a pass to Victoria (2:36). The 34-Yard Completion placed the ball on Beavercreek’s 40-Yard Line. On 1st Down and 10, Kinnel rushed the ball. His 36-Yard Rush ended on the Beavers’ 4-Yard Line (2:12). With 1:51 on the scoreboard, Justin Williams took the ball into the end zone. After the successful completion of the Extra Point Kick, Wayne took a commanding 42-14 Lead. As the 3rd Quarter was coming to a close, BHS faced 3rd Down and 2 from its own 35-Yard Line. Wenger picked up 3-Yards. He obtained a First Down too. Once again, Kaden Wenger was injured. Once again, he walked off of the field too. With 7-Seconds remaining, Chris Lawrence made a 5-Yard Rush. At the end of the 3rd Quarter, Wayne still leads Beavercreek 42-14. At the 11:55 mark of the 4th Quarter, Beavercreek’s Offense was penalized for a False Start Violation. On 3rd Down and 10 from the Beavers’ own 38-Yard Line, another Reverse Play took place. The ball ended up in Maloney’s hands. To Maloney’s dismay, he suffered a 3-Yard Loss (11:48).

On 4th Down and 13 from the team’s own 35-Yard Line, Beavercreek was forced to Punt. Wayne’s Justin Harris was the Punt Returner. Once the ball fell into his hands, Harris proceeded to make a 28-Yard Punt Return. He got the ball to BHS’s 42-Yard Line. Both a Holding Penalty and a Sack ended up severely hindering the drive. With 8:53 remaining in the game, WHS faced 4th Down and 20 from its own 48-Yard Line. The Warriors was forced to Punt. That Offensive Drive had zero effect on the game. Wayne had already put the game way out of reach. By the Final Score of 42-14, Wayne High School went on to defeat Beavercreek High School. After last week’s loss to Centerville, Wayne was on a MISSION. The Warriors had a POINT TO PROVE! WHS came into Miami Valley Hospital Stadium, and it did exactly what it needed to accomplish. In order to make the Division 1 Ohio High School Football Playoffs, both teams need to win out. Even if both Wayne and Beavercreek both do so, a Playoff Spot is not a 100% Guarantee. However, I feel the following way. If I was Centerville High School, I WOULD NOT want to play Wayne again! If both teams end up making the playoffs, a rematch is a strong possibility.

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